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  • Developer: Community
  • Genre: Reverse engineering, debugging, disassembler
  • Version: 7.3
User Rating: Rating 4.86

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Reverse engineering, debugging, disassembler
Windows PC, Mac, Linux


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Scanning App Cheat Engine

Joann Burnett

Cheat Engine is a memory scanning application that can be used to modify games based on their memory usage. It works based on a system of plugins, which are extensions of application, scripts, which are a sort of programming language. Interface is a series of windows, each of which is a different part of program. Cheat Engine is a handy application that helps gamers modify apps to their liking. Program offers many features that are useful for gamers - the most important one being to modify apps variables. It offers a graphical user interface that is very user-friendly. It has the ability to modify the game’s memory, which is a great feature for applications who want to change game’s behavior.


Main window is actual game, where the user can do things like run application, modify it, and perform actions. This is where the interface gets its name, as it is where user interacts with the game. The other windows are Memory Viewer, Disassembler, Scripts, Plugins. Memory Viewer is where the user can see memory usage for game, which is how they can find areas to modify. Disassembler is where the code for software is displayed, which is how user can actually edit it. The Scripts window is where the user can create scripts to tell game how to act. And the Plugins window is where user can find and install Cheat Engine plugins for software product. Software product download Cheat Engine offers a simple interface, which makes it easy for gamers to use. It has an okay color scheme, which suits application. Interface offers a variety of tools are all grouped together in the center of screen. Interface is well-designed and offers plenty of features that are easy to find.

Interface of install Cheat Engine download PC is designed to be intuitive for game modification hobbyists. Software features a menu bar across the top with an array of different options. There are two panels that can be closed with the gear icon in bottom right corner. Left panel is an open space where product can be seen and edited, while right panel is cheat table.


Application Cheat Engine Windows is fairly easy to use, though it can be a fairly complicated program to use. It has a fairly intuitive interface, and the user can easily navigate to different windows. Cheat Engine PC is an easy-to-use application that has a user-friendly interface. Application is easy to find and use, which makes it a great tool for applications. Interface is easy to navigate and offers many tools that are easy to find. Application offers a help guide, which makes it easy to use for beginners.


Software product get Cheat Engine is fairly intuitive to use, though it can be difficult to use due to sheer number of different windows for different functions. It is fairly simple to use, though fairly complicated to use. Is a great application for gamers, because it offers a variety of tools that are easy to find and use. Application is updated on a regular basis, which means that it is updated with new features. Application is updated with new features and updated on a regular basis which is fantastic for gamers.


Cheat Engine has fairly minimal support. There are a number of tutorials for program on website, though they are fairly limited. Software product Cheat Engine download for Windows offers a great support system. Help guide is updated regularly and offers a great support system. Application offers a forum that gamers can use for help and advice. Application offers a forum that allows gamers to get help and advice.


  • When I use Cheat Engine application with games that have Anti-Cheat, it crashes my game.
    To use with Anti-Cheat games, you need to use a Patch. A Patch is an extension that allows it to work with games that have Anti-Cheat. You can download a Patch for application you are playing by going to application website and clicking on the "Patches" tab.
  • I can't find the Cheat Engine App on my phone.
    App is not available on the Google Play Store because it may be used for malicious purposes. The Application is only available on the website.
  • What is the benefit to using Cheat Engine?
    Can allow users to modify certain aspects of a game, such as the amount of ammunition a player has, what a player can see, and how a player's character behaves.
  • What operating systems does Cheat Engine support?
    Can run on Windows, Linux, and macOS.


Cheat Engine is a program designed for purpose of modifying memory contents of computer games. It is used by game modification hobbyists to cheat in single-player games, or for online competitive cheating in multiplayer games. Program is often used in combination with other game-altering software like game trainers, software product hacking software, game modding software.


  • A great way to cheat on a game;
  • It’s a legit app;
  • Able to modify in-game files;
  • Includes a built-in memory scanner;
  • Includes a built-in text editor.


  • No cons that we can see;
  • Requires a rooted device;
  • Only works for Windows;
  • Pricing;
  • Free.

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